14 Dec 2012

Christmas wreath tutorial

I made this one last weekend. This is the first Christmas wreath I've ever made.You won't believe how easy to make this wreath!

OK,Let’s get started!

What you'll need;
  • A wreath form - if you don’t have one you could probably DIY one with your imagination as well 
  • Two of 3'' long ribbons 
  • Cinnamon sticks, pinecones or any items that present a holiday theme
  • Bells that I bought from Homebase

How to make it:

Use your form and wrap entirely around with 2’’ ribbons
Use wire to make a bundle of cinnamon sticks and pinecones then wrap around the form.
Tie into an 1'' beautiful bow at the bottom of your wreath
Hang the bells to d├ęcor this wreath 

Done! There you have it!
Gorgeous! Isn’t it quick?


  1. beautiful wreath! visiting you from the etsy blogging buddies team! lovely blog :)